Meeting Rescheduled

The meeting scheduled for tonight–Tuesday January 19th–has been rescheduled for next Tuesday (January 27th). It will take place at the same location–Elmsdale Library–and the same time–6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

We will be discussing Art’s writing piece and sharing our homework. The homework is to write the best sentence you can to start a novel. It can be of any genre and any length.

May Meeting Reminder

This is a reminder that the next meeting takes place Tuesday May 19th at 6:30 pm, at the Elmsdale Library. The counter to the left of this post counts down the days to the next meeting.

Reminder: We’ll be discussing Lynn’s writing (for those who weren’t there the last meeting). If John will send the group something, perhaps we’ll have more to discuss. John?

Hope to see you there.

Recap of October’s Meeting

Quote 01On October 15th, the East Hants Writers Group met at the Elmsdale Library.

Diane brought several examples of books printed by various printers including Friesens and CreateSpace. These were discussed. It was followed by talk of including an author photo within the book or on the back cover.

The five members present discussed Diane’s writing submitted at the September meeting. Then Jayne shared a short piece for review.

The comma was discussed regarding separating two independent clauses joined by ‘and’. Here’s what I’ve found on Purdue OWL: If the comma can be replaced with a period and the ‘and’ removed, and the sentence(s) still make sense, then a comma is needed.

  • The rain fell on the field, and the wind blew the plastic against the shed. [The rain fell on the field. The wind blew the plastic against the shed.]
  • The dogs continued to yelp at the geese overhead, and the cat sat on the sill watching with interest. [The dogs continued to yelp at the geese overhead. The cat sat on the sill watching with interest.]
  • Dragons of all colours took flight, and the dwarf who commanded them stood on the ridge. [Dragons of all colours took flight. The dwarf who commanded them stood on the ridge.]

The next writers meeting is scheduled for Tuesday November 19, 2013, and then we break until January.

Recap of Last Evening’s Meeting

TruthOn September 17th, the East Hants Writers Group met for the first meeting of the season.

The meeting began with the reading of one of Joan’s poems. It was followed by a discussion about the poem and tips that may help improve the writing.

John entertained the group with many of his ‘silly’ poems he had promised to bring at the June meeting. He had written them many years ago when ‘he didn’t have much else to do’. Many of the poems are still in first draft form, yet flow as if heavily edited. Everyone in the group believed the poems were very entertaining, educational, funny and inspiring. The group encouraged him to organise them and attempt to get them published.

The meeting ended with a discussion on marketing books. Since marketing is such a big part in publishing, this discussion will continue at next month’s meeting, so bring your ideas, what worked and what didn’t work for you.

The trouble with That, Which and Who was brought up, and it was agreed the ‘cheat sheet’ for this would be posted to this site. However, after checking, it was discovered that it already exists here under Writing Tips.

Diane provided the writing piece to be critiqued at October’s meeting. Jayne agreed to bring her short story to pass out at that time, so the group can critique it at November’s meeting.

The next writers meeting is scheduled for Tuesday October 15, 2013.

Just a Reminder: Word on the Street takes place this Sunday September 22, 2013.

Recap of Last Night’s Meeting

5x5PolishMembers discussed the importance of researching a publisher before submitting work to them and signing a contract. The publishing business is changing quickly and the landscape is becoming less friendly to authors.

Members who had copies of Chasing Llamas in My Pajamas brought in their critiques and all members present discussed the story. It was believed that it had great potential as a children’s picture book.

Joan agreed to submit one of her poems to be critiqued during the September meeting. Diane’s job is to remind Joan to send her the poem at the end of August. At which time Diane will send it to the rest of the members. So keep an eye out for it.

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Recap of Tuesday’s Meeting

5x5MushMembers discussed the benefits of self-publishing and mentioned local publishers where members could possibly submit their stories.

They also discussed the Writers Roundtable that took place May 11th at the Colchester-East Hants Library, Truro Branch, as well as the Ada Mingo Memorial Teen Writing Awards Presentation held the same day. Shared were the benefits of attending Farmers Markets to peddle books and the success of other authors who did just that.

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