Jayne Peters

Peters, Jayne 5x5Jayne Peters is an elementary school teacher who has taught in Nova Scotia for more than twenty years. As a child she loved sneaking up on tadpoles and walking in the rain. Today, she loves chocolate, sunny days and country music. She currently lives in a house filled with red heads, loves molasses on “Grampy’s” homemade bread and wants the covers to stay neatly tucked in at night.

When she isn’t teaching, reading or writing you will find her practicing yoga and spending quality time with her family.

Whispering Wings is her second children’s book, inspired by a Virtues Project workshop she attended. Jayne lives in Nova Scotia, with her husband and their three children.

Connect with Jayne on her Author Facebook page or her Goodreads Page. Book can be purchased through Jayne’s website.

Messy Jessy by Jayne PetersMessy Jessy


Everyone knows a Messy Jessy. She’s messy at 9:00am, she’s messy at noon. Jessy is messy all day!!

Author Jayne Peters’ first children’s book Messy Jessy is an energetic picture book for ages 3-8. With a delightful rhyming scheme and bright, fun illustrations, children can follow Jessy through her messy day. From spills, crashes and jelly faces to bruises, scratches and mismatched socks, Jessy’s day is filled with laughter, spirit and mess – parents will instantly relate!!

Whispering Wings


Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder to practice our virtues, especially when faced with everyday challenges.

With a pocketful of caterpillars, join Nick on his journey to spread the virtues to his family members, and most importantly, himself.



Anything Can Happen in Mrs. Whynot’s Room


In Mrs. Whynot’s classroom writing is magical; pencils hover and clay characters come to life. But… everyone has something they find difficult and Marcy is no exception. She would like to do ANYTHING but write. She has NOTHING to write about.

By talking to her classmates, playing with words and listening to stories, Marcy realizes she has lots of tales to tell.

Messy Jessy Gets Active

Release date: June 29, 2017

Children loved Messy Jessy in her debut story. Now, she is busier and more active than ever.

Follow Jessy as her wild imagination has her tackling what she loves. From yoga to dance and hockey to ball, she knows how to have fun. Jessy’s day continues to be filled with laughter, spirit and…mess.

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