Cheryl L. Davis

Cheryl DavisCheryl L. Davis lives & writes in Enfield, Nova Scotia. She has an insane interest in all things historical but will create a story in any genre if it enters her mind.

She resides with her two precious children – Kelly & Hayden, and her two adorable dogs – Zoe & Pete. And of course, there’s the cat that came with the daughter; the cat named Kitty.

Cheryl Davis -The SacrificeThe Sacrifice: A drought has devastated the Kansas prairie, forcing Emmaline’s husband to seek work in Salina. Left behind to care for their infant son, Emmaline struggles with loneliness and a sudden fever that consumes the only child she has been able to provide her husband. When a lone wolf stalks the farm, Emmaline fears he’ll kill the animals but soon realizes that what he really wants…is her child.

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