Barbara Carter

Barbara grew-up and lived on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, outside the town of Mahone Bay until moving to the Halifax area in 2002. She is married with three grown children, and three grandchildren. In 2016, she published her first memoir: Floating in Saltwater.

Her second memoir Balancing Act is due out this fall. Barbara writes about her life experiences.

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Floating in Saltwater – Barbara Ann cannot understand why she should feel so alone in a house filled with so many. Or why her mother collects people like others collect stamps or teacups. The six-bedroom house is filled with children and elderly adults, noise and confusion.

Anything can happen at any moment.

Her mother insists that Barbara Ann has everything a child could ever want…but Barbara Ann feels something is missing.

By observing those around her, she fears for her future. Her mother controls a young woman living with the family, keeping her trapped and unhappy and afraid to ever leave. Deep inside, Barbara Ann knows this is the life her mother wants for her, and that happiness will depend on finding a way to break free.

Hope is offered by meeting people in a rental property nearby, people unlike others in the neighbourhood: hippies, artists, girls from the city, a black man and a rock and roll band.

Barbara Ann must sort out what to believe in, whom to trust and how to find the love and happiness she desperately seeks.

Balancing Act – A cautionary tale for mothers and daughters.

In the 1970s, outside the town of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada, Barbara Ann is thirteen, going into grade seven and starting a new school. She wants what most other teenage girls want: the right hair, the right clothes, the right friends, the right boyfriend, and everything else that leads to love and happiness.

Innocence allows Barbara Ann to believe that it’s all easily within her grasp. The only obstacle standing in her way is her over-controlling mother. She must fight and push against boundaries to gain the freedom she wants. Each step a power struggle between mother and daughter. When Barbara Ann finally meets a boy and believes all her dreams are coming true, her life shatters in ways she never saw coming.

Lost and confused, she tries regaining control, but instead keeps spiraling out of control.  Anxiety and depression leads to a nervous breakdown. It is in the midst of all of this Barbara Ann learns the depths of her mother’s betrayal and the realization of just how much she’s lost and how she will never be that same innocent girl again.

Readers will be torn between understanding a mother’s interference in her daughter’s life and her daughter’s emotional stress caused by the mother’s interference.