The links below are aimed to help you in your writing journey, whether that be in the actual writing or the publishing.

Dean Wesley Smith: This blog contains a lot of information for self-published writers. His advice is sound though sometimes a little extreme. If you want to write and publish a lot, follow his example.

Diane Lynn Tibert: Diane provides helpful writing, editing and publishing information. She will also evaluate the first 5,000 words of your writing project.

Fundy Comic Arts Society: Free all ages club for  Comic Art and Storytelling.

Preditors & Editors: A wonderful site that lists every publisher in North America (that they are aware of). Each company is evaluated according to their treatment of writers. There you will find the great publishers, the ones who treat authors unfairly, vanity presses and those that have broken contracts and have taken advantage of unsuspecting writers. Before submitting to any publisher, check to see it they are listed here. This site contains lots of information about the publishing world, but their list is most valuable.

Word on the Street (Halifax): Learn more about this event that occurs every year in late September.

Writing Cafe – Writing Tips and Advice: A website with a ton of links to help writers learn the craft.

Writing World (The): A website with an extensive number of articles to help fiction and nonfiction writers alike.

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