Meeting Reminder

The September meeting to start the season for the East Hants Writers’ Group focussed on the craft of writing takes place Tuesday September 18th. As usual, we will meet at the Elmsdale Public Library, Elmsdale, East Hants, Nova Scotia, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

We are now at capacity membership. Anyone interested in joining our group will go on a waiting list.



Write a story with the end of summer as the theme. It must be from the point of view of a school-aged child.

Genre: open, fiction; word count: 400.

REMEMBER: Other members of the group will be reading these stories at the meeting. Please print the stories in an easy-to-read font type and size. Size 12 is okay, but 14 is better. DO NOT put your name on your story. PLEASE NOTE: the word count is only 400, not our usual 500. Please stick to the word limit.


We will be critiquing a piece of writing submitted by Donna’s. Please use the questions we’ve created for critiquing.

  1. List the strengths of the story.
  2. What areas of the story can be improved?
  3. Were there any times you were confused? When?
  4. Was the dialogue realistic?
  5. Does the story work? If not, why?
  6. If there are repeated mechanical mistakes, please make note.

Hope to see all members there.

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