Meeting Recap

The regular writing craft meeting took place last night at 6:00 pm. Ten members were in attendance: John G., Art, Donna, Emma, Barb M., Diane, Elizabeth, John T., Dawn and Barbara A.

The group welcomed two new members: Barbara A. and Dawn.

After a quick introduction, Diane shared news that the first book Shadows in the Stone in her fantasy series The Castle Keepers went permanently free at Amazon. She also announced that HalCon tickets were going on sale Thursday May 18th at 7:00 pm. Anyone wanting a ticket was advised to buy one that day as they sell out quickly.

Diane also informed the group that she’d like to see the East Hants Writers website become more active. By posting more often and sharing news about events, it will draw more attention to the group, the authors and their books. Everyone was encouraged to submit a short biography, a head shot image and other pertinent information about their writing and publishing history to post to their page on this site.

The group critiqued Art’s children story My Name is Charlie.

Members of the group read homework assigned at last month’s meeting. They were short stories from the writing prompt: You find a shoebox in the garage. What is in it? How did it get there? Who put it there? What do you do with it?

Before the meeting ended, everyone picked from five boxes to choose the items that must take place in the 500-word homework assignment. They included a character name, an animal, a time, an article of clothing and a situation.

From Diane

During the meeting, we discussed the use of semi-colons in a list following a colon. I looked into this further and found semi-colons separate items only when the items already contain commas. I’ve seen this in obituaries.

Besides his mother, he is survived by his wife, Marjorie; 3 sons; Gordon and Robert, both of Montreal; James, Ecum Secum; 3 step-daughters, Eva (Mrs. Thorley  Astels) and Shirley (Mrs. Fred Gareau), both of Montreal; Joan (Mrs. George Desharnais), Vancouver; a stepson, Graham, Dartmouth; 5 grandchildren; a sister, Phyllis (Mrs. Clyde Rose), Dartmouth; several nieces and nephews.

For example: I have visited many places in Canada, including Glentosh, Amherst and New Glasgow, NS; Burin, St. John’s and Corner Brook, NL; Banff, Calgary and Edmonton, AB; and Victoria, Vancouver and Squamish, BC.

You can see more examples here on Grammar Monster.

However, as of yet, I have not found the automatic use of semi-colons in a list followed by a colon.

For example: There were many items at the yard sale: snowshoes; rubber boots; old romance novels; canoes, and wine glasses.

Instead, I believe it should be written: There were many items at the yard sale: snowshoes, rubber boots, old romance novels, canoes and wine glasses.

I’ll look into this more and bring what I find to the next meeting.


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