Meeting Recap

Meeting RecapSix members and one guest attended the meeting: Lynn, Diane, Art, John (and daughter), Donna, and Emma.

We began by updating everyone on what writing accomplishments and activities we engaged in since our last meeting (October 6th).

Next on the agenda, we discussed goals and the importance of setting them.

Why Are Goals Important?

  1. They keep us focussed on the task.
  2. They keep reminding us the task needs to be done.
  3. Goals challenge us to do something by a particular date.
  4. Goals keep us accountable. In other words, if I say, “I’ll get this story written some time,” there’s no thought that I didn’t get it done because there was no set date. If I allow a personal deadline to pass without getting the story written, I can ask myself: Why did this happen? Do I really want to do this? If do want to do this, how can I make it happen?
  5. Goals allow us to see how much we’ve accomplished, giving us a boost to do more.
  6. Some people need goals to motivate them to do things.

Everyone wrote a goal on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope and sealed it. Diane gathered the envelopes to hand out at the next writers’ meeting.

A short discussion took place on National Novel Writing Month. Some members are considering participating.

Critique Schedule: It was decided we would set a schedule for the year to keep everyone informed and prepared. Lynn volunteered to send a piece of writing through email for us to discuss at the November meeting. Art will bring a sample of his writing to hand out at the November meeting, to be discussed at the January meeting.

Schedule for the 2015-16 Sessions (June was left open for any member who has not yet had their work discussed).

November 2015: Lynn

January 2016: Art

February 2016: Emma

March 2016: Diane

April 2016: John

May 2016: Donna

June 2016: Cheryl

Our short story writing challenge was a success! Everyone brought in a story to contribute to the read. John brought in a table-top, wooden lectern to set the paper on as members read stories written by other members. We all found it interesting for others to read our stories, not knowing who had written them.

We’ve decided to do this again. The next short story (500 to 600 words) is due at the February meeting. The genre this time is mystery.

Diane gave a mini lecture on writing the first draft. It included a short exercise that is due at the December meeting.

Tip: Never stop writing at the end of a scene or chapter. Always write the first few sentences of the next scene or chapter, so when you return, you don’t spend time thinking about how to start, just how to continue.


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