Meeting Recap

Meeting RecapFive members attended the self-publishing meeting: Lynn, Diane, Art, John, Donna and Phil.

We began the meeting by introducing ourselves because a new member was in attendance. We gave a brief summary of our self-publishing history and what we’d like to accomplish.

Diane gave a brief overview of what the group would discuss in the coming months. This included:

  • The focus of this group will be on the business of self-publishing only. Whether this is the first time or tenth.
  • Mini workshops on the steps of self-publishing. Members will provide these on the aspects of self-publishing they are familiar with.
  • Editing: Mini workshops and discussions of the many aspects of editing.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to self-publish a book over the course of the year (to June).
  • Discussions will include topics such as copyright, ISBN, CIP, Access Copyright, library donations
  • Formatting the working manuscript as well as the finished product that goes into book form will be discussed.
  • Marketing: How do you sell your books? This will be an ongoing topic.
  • Print Costs: The wide-range of possibilities. What’s good? What’s bad?
  • Publishing the East Hants Writers’ Anthology.

We expanded the discussion on ISBN, CIP and Access Copyright. We also spoke about marketing and how it was difficult for a lone writer to sell their books. It was agreed a self-publishing co-op would be a good idea, but no plans were discussed on how this could come about.

Diane gave a mini talk on the Ten Easy Steps to Self-publishing a Novel.

We discussed and compared the price of buying print-on-demand books from CreateSpace. It was discovered that a 5.5 inch by 8.5 inch book containing 108 pages (black and white) cost the same as an 8 inch by 10 inch book with the same number of pages.

It was noted the current exchange rate of the Canadian dollar for the US dollar is drastically raising the basic price of books. The exchange has been fluctuating between 25 to 33 per cent in the past few weeks

Buying illustrations was brought up. The place a few writers have looked is eLance.

The next Self-publishing Writers’ Meeting is November 3, 2015.


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