September Meeting Recap

Meeting RecapSeven members attended the meeting: Lynn, Diane, Art, Mindy, John, Donna and Emma.

We began the meeting by introducing ourselves because a new member was in attendance. We also shared our writing activities since the last meeting (June).

It was agreed upon to add a second meeting during the month to the group. The new night (the first Tuesday of the month) will focus on the business of self-publishing. Anyone who is interested in or who has self-published a book is welcome to attend.

The current meeting night (third Tuesday of the month) will concentrate on the craft of writing only. Discussions will focus around developing characters, plot, setting, dialogue and similar topics. We’ll also continue to critique a story per meeting.

A writing exercise we decided to do was to write a short story (about 500 words), print it and bring it to the next meeting. Upon entering the meeting room, members are to place their story face down in a pile. The stories will be distributed to the group, and members will read the story aloud without knowing who wrote it.

We decided to choose a genre for this exercise. This time around, it will be fantasy.

During the meeting, we discussed the first chapter in Donna’s novel. A person was not chosen to submit for the next meeting, but we’ll take care of that soon.

Art shared his new website for his books. You can check it out here:

The next meeting on the schedule is the Self-publishing Branch of the East Hants Writers on October 6, 2015.

The next Craft of Writing meeting takes place October 20th.

Meeting times are from 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm and take place at the Elmsdale Library, Elmsdale, Hants County, NS.


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