Meeting Recap

Meeting RecapThree members attended last night’s meeting of the East Hants Writers Group. We discussed a veteran project that is currently being undertaken by Bruce MacDonald of Nova Scotia.

MacDonald’s website First World War Veterans of Guysborough County shares the following description of his project: The year 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the First World War. The purpose of this blog is to share the stories of the war’s Guysborough County veterans, while providing background information related to their experiences. I plan to publish the stories of the 131 Guysborough County veterans who died while serving with Canadian forces during or shortly after the war in a series of releases, from 2014 to 2018.

If anyone has a connection to these veterans and would like to help, contact Bruce MacDonald at brucefrancismacdonald@gmail.comGrant, John - Historic Guysborough

John Grant has written extensively on many aspects of Guysborough County in his book Historic Guysborough County (Nimbus), and he continues to research the history of Nova Scotia.

Diane is also no stranger to Guysborough County or the veterans who called it home. Her father was born and raised there, and he had served in the Second World War with three brothers and three cousins. She began the Veterans of Guysborough County project more than a decade ago, and after many years of research had to put it aside due to the mammoth size of the project and circumstances out of her control.

She still continues to work on a small aspect of the project. Updates on the status can be found at Roots to the Past.Sample 02

Next on the agenda was the discussion of publishing a collection of the groups’ short stories, poems and other writings. Each member could contribute two or more pieces to the publication. The three members in attendance agreed it would be a good idea. No timeframe was set.

Still, I encourage everyone to think of and possibly start something for the book. We’ll discuss this more at the February meeting.

Although Art was not in attendance, the three members discussed his writing submission. We agreed to bring the edited pieces to the February meeting.

Diane brought a sample of her writing and gave it to members to be discussed at the February meeting.

Posters like the one below will be going up around East Hants starting this week to gather more interest in the East Hants Writers Group. We hope to let other writers know that we exist.



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