Meeting Reminder PLUS

The East Hants Writers Group is meeting tomorrow night, Tuesday November 18th, at 6:30 pm at the Elmsdale Library.

At this meeting, I’d like for us to discuss the future of our group. Where should we go from here? How can we improve the meetings to better benefit new and old members?

Bring your ideas of what you’d like to see happen at the meetings.

One thing I’d like to see returned is the monthly critique. So we’ll discuss who can submit a piece of writing between now and the end of the year to be discussed at our January meeting. We’ll also seek a volunteer to bring a printed piece of writing to our January meeting, so members can take it home, critique it and return it at our February meeting.

I’d also like for us to discuss how we can promote our group, so we can gather more members.

Would we like to invite a public speaker to a spring meeting? Or should we organise a workshop? Food for thought.

Just a reminder: This is the last meeting for 2014. Our next scheduled meeting is January 20, 2015.

Ellsworth staring


2 thoughts on “Meeting Reminder PLUS

  1. Lynn Lapthorne says:

    Hi Diane,

    I think the monthly critique was a great way to get motivated to do more writing. The critiquing process is informative in ways that just ‘talking’ about our works isn’t and we learn from each other’s writing and mistakes. I’d like for us to try and get a schedule for the new year and that way, we can plan on what we’d really like to have critiqued in advance.

    Talking about having a guest speaker in is something we’ve discussed but just haven’t done yet. As for a workshop, I think it went well the one time we did go for it…except for the ‘teacher’. I’m in for whatever ideas we can gather, to promote the group and for things we can do during our meetings.

    See everyone tomorrow evening,


    • Diane Tibert says:

      A schedule is a great idea, Lynn. We should do that. I agree that the critiquing exercise allowed us to talk about things that would not have otherwise been brought up in a general discussion.

      Agreed. The first workshop was great except for…

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