Recap of Last Night’s Meeting

5x5 Writing Quote 01Mindy brought in copies of her new children’s picture book Sugar Bugs to show us how printing through Friesens and CreateSpace compared to each other.

Here’s how they compared:

  • Friesens had a more glossy cover and glossy pages, making the colours pop. Still, the less glossy pages created by CreateSpace were still high quality.
  • Friesnes font cover fonts were sharper than those on the CreateSpace cover.
  • Friesens first stitched the pages then perfect bound them, whereas CreateSpace perfect bound them.
  • Friesens book was slightly thicker than that printed by CreateSpace, which indicated the pages inside were thicker.

Overall, if we didn’t have the two books side-by-side to compare, we wouldn’t notice that CreateSpace was inferior. It’s a very good product, one worthy of sharing with readers. We, of course, are picky, and things we’d notice are things readers won’t give a hoot about.

At the meeting we also discussed John’s poems. They really should be in a book. Right, John…

The group also discussed the possibility of having an author’s day at the library or at some location in or near Elmsdale. The event would have authors have their own table where they could sign and sell copies of their book(s). Interested authors could give public readings. Karen King answered questions regarding this event, and said that this might be something the library would be interested in hosting.

More details are needed, including authors who will participate and the date.

The next Family Literacy Day takes place on January 27, 2014. This date is too soon to organise an author event. However, there may be other opportunities for authors when the library’s plans are finalised. To learn more about Family Literacy Day and see a map where Events are planned across Canada, check out the ABC Life Literacy website.

This was the final meeting of 2013. The next meeting (as you can see from the timer to the left) takes place January 21, 2014.

And just in case you missed this, Adam King works for Cartoon Conrad.

PS: Jayne, Mindy and Diane will be selling books at the Christmas Festival of Crafts, Musquodoboit Valley Education Centre, 12046  Highway 224, Middle Musquodoboit, NS, on Saturday December 7 (10 am to 4 pm) and Sunday December 8 (11 am to 4 pm).


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