Recap of Last Evening’s Meeting

TruthOn September 17th, the East Hants Writers Group met for the first meeting of the season.

The meeting began with the reading of one of Joan’s poems. It was followed by a discussion about the poem and tips that may help improve the writing.

John entertained the group with many of his ‘silly’ poems he had promised to bring at the June meeting. He had written them many years ago when ‘he didn’t have much else to do’. Many of the poems are still in first draft form, yet flow as if heavily edited. Everyone in the group believed the poems were very entertaining, educational, funny and inspiring. The group encouraged him to organise them and attempt to get them published.

The meeting ended with a discussion on marketing books. Since marketing is such a big part in publishing, this discussion will continue at next month’s meeting, so bring your ideas, what worked and what didn’t work for you.

The trouble with That, Which and Who was brought up, and it was agreed the ‘cheat sheet’ for this would be posted to this site. However, after checking, it was discovered that it already exists here under Writing Tips.

Diane provided the writing piece to be critiqued at October’s meeting. Jayne agreed to bring her short story to pass out at that time, so the group can critique it at November’s meeting.

The next writers meeting is scheduled for Tuesday October 15, 2013.

Just a Reminder: Word on the Street takes place this Sunday September 22, 2013.

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