Recap of Last Night’s Meeting

5x5PolishMembers discussed the importance of researching a publisher before submitting work to them and signing a contract. The publishing business is changing quickly and the landscape is becoming less friendly to authors.

Members who had copies of Chasing Llamas in My Pajamas brought in their critiques and all members present discussed the story. It was believed that it had great potential as a children’s picture book.

Joan agreed to submit one of her poems to be critiqued during the September meeting. Diane’s job is to remind Joan to send her the poem at the end of August. At which time Diane will send it to the rest of the members. So keep an eye out for it.

John agreed to bring in his ‘silly rhymes’ that he had spoken about at a previous meeting. We will be able to enjoy them in September…if John remembers to bring them.

A short discussion was had on backing up your writing by storing it online ‘somewhere’. Diane offered her method of opening a Hotmail email account and sending the most current file to herself, so that way the story is stored off sight and can be accessed anywhere there is computer service.

It’s also wise to set up folders in the Hotmail inbox to sort stories. Such as one for your fantasy stories, one for you poems and one for…you decide. Keeping things organised also means going in now and again and deleting the old versions of stories and keeping only the most current.

This was out last meeting of the season. The next one takes place Tuesday September 17, 2013.

Have a great summer and happy writing.


One thought on “Recap of Last Night’s Meeting

  1. Jayne says:

    Thanks for the update, Diane. Sorry I couldn’t attend. I was on and overnight class trip with my oldest daughter.

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